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The Association to Advance Collegiate School of Business (AACSB) developing and promoting to the collegiate school of business is the mission of AACSB, include the faculty and staff training, being engaged in the research about collegiate school of business, and keeping close with other associations to collegiate school of academic and education. AACSB provides the publication and report to promote education level of advance college of business.
About Accreditation Standards
Strategic Management
Learning and Teaching
Participants – Students, Faculty, and Professional Staff
Academic and Professional Engagement
CYCU Have Certificated by AACSB in 2015
member organizations in
thought leaders, educators, innovators globally
accredited schools in 50+ countrles & terrltorles
About Accreditation Advantages:
Courses taken at CYCU COB can be recognized abroad
Create dual degree programs with respected universities abroad
Cooperation with leading universities abroad
Continuously improve the quality of academic programs
Enhance university reputation and visibility
Strengthen competitiveness of students in the workplace
About COB
The College of Business at Chung Yuan Christian University is committed to providing a holistic education, nurturing its students to become business professionals with innovative thinking and collaboration skills, and to develop ethical leaders with global perspectives and local focus.
The College of Business at Chung Yuan Christian University dedicates to constructing an academic environment with excellent teaching, innovative research, and valuable services, as well as to promoting the value of holistic education in order to become one of the leading business schools in Taiwan.
Learning Goals
Honor & Achievements
Students in COB
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BGS Honorary Members
Holistic Education Achievements
Ranked 1st in Center for World University Rankings (CWUR)
Ranked 1st among Taiwanese private comprehensive universities on "Center for World University Rankings" six years in a row.
Readily Receiving Recognition by the MOE
Awarded 1st place of the 'Founds of Private University Affairs' seven years in a row which broke the records.
Sustainable Development Achievements
Best Counselling University
Gained 'Friendly Campus Award' in 2019, 2014 and 2009. (Broke the national record)
Awarded the 'Best Counselling University' prize in 2017 by the MOE.
Ranked first in both undergraduate enrollment rate and retention rate
Ranked 1st among Taiwan's private comprehensive universities in undergraduate enrollment rate for four years in a row.
Expanding Outwards Achievements
Employer's favorite university graduates
Ranked 1st of the 'Top Employer's Favorite University Graduates' survey' conducted by 1111 Job Bank from 2017 to 2019.
Ranked first in graduate employment rate
Ranked 1st among Taiwan's private comprehensive universities in graduate employment rate conducted by 104 Job Bank.
Alumni's High Salary
Ranked 1st among Taiwan's private comprehensive universities in the ranking of "Top University Alumni with High Salary" conducted by 104 Job Bank.
COB Organization
College-Level Committee
College Affairs Committee
College Administration Committee
College Curriculum Committee
College Faculty Evaluation Committee
College Faculty Assessment Committee
College Outstanding Faculty Selection Committee
College Outstanding Counselor Selection Committee
Department-Level Committee
Affairs Committee
Curriculum Committee
Faculty Evaluation Committee
Recruitment Committee
Undergraduate Affairs Committee
Recruitment of Department and Courses Committee
Situational Analysis
  • Holistic education
  • Award-winning University
  • AACSB accreditation
  • International programs
  • Innovative Teaching
  • Large industry and government cooperation
  • Limited & high workload faculty members
  • Private Not-for-Profit university
  • International collaboration
  • Industrial cooperation
  • Governmental policy constraints
  • Declining numbers and quality of high school graduates
  • Low birth rate and highly competitive environment